Great Job Nevada! Stay Safe, Stay Open.

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The Ely office is closed until further notice due to staffing issues.

Use Our Online Services

We are limiting the number of customers in our buildings to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Check Online Services and Kiosks first to see if you can complete your transaction without coming to the DMV.

Online Renewals: Vehicle Registration  |  Drivers License  |  ID Card

Mail/Fax Transactions

Please allow four to six weeks for processing of any transaction sent by mail or fax. Do not cancel your payment or send a second payment. Please do not contact us if you are still within this period. Thank you for your patience.


Make an Appointment (Metropolitan Areas)

Most transactions at DMV offices in Carson City, Henderson, Las Vegas and Reno require an appointment.

Make an appointment  |  Confirm, change or cancel

Rural offices are walk-in based and serve customers from their local area only. See Locations for details.

Senior Driver License Extension

Motorists age 65 and older have been given additional time to renew their driver's licenses. Print the extension letter to present to law enforcement. Your expiration date will not change. Renew as soon as possible. ID cards can be renewed online.

Extension for Senior Drivers 65 and Older

Previous extensions on other DMV documents have expired. Vehicles must have a movement permit or full registration to be driven on public streets.

Contacting Us

Please do not contact the Nevada Department of Transportation or the Department of Public Safety with DMV-related questions. They are unable to assist you. See the DMV contact information below.


Registration Renewals, Duplicates, Decals and Driver History Reports are printed on the spot.

Many take cash.



DMV VETERAN RECOGNIZED: A DMV techncian and Nevada Army National Guard was honored as the Nevada Veteran Employee of the Month.

TEXT SCAM: Don't fall for a texting scam that asks drivers to update their personal information.

ODOMETER DISCLOSURE: A new federal rule extends odometer disclosure for used vehicles.

REAL ID: The deadline for Real ID enforcement at airport checkpoint has been extended to October 1, 2021. See Real ID.

RETIRED MILITARY VEHICLE PLATE: The DMV is now issuing a special license plate for Retired Military Vehicles.

TEEN DRIVERS: Get the Parents Supervised Driving Guide and RoadReady app to help teens gain behind-the-wheel experience.

UBER/LYFT DRIVERS: You must mail a records application to obtain your original license issue date.

COVID-19 RESPONSE: For the latest statewide info, see

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